Why hide the real tax costs?

Are we stupid? Maybe! I saw the tax rates and said Wow $175/year … that’s a no brainer … I’m voting YES!

Then I started thinking how much does it take to pay off an $89,000,000. I went to Barrington banks mortgage calculator and found its about $8,000,000/year for 30 years. Hum something just does not seem right. I checked the census numbers and found 6,230 households in the area (not sure if Deer Park, Carpentersville and Tower Lakes were in the numbers so lets make it) 8,000 households. The $175 rate is for a $350K house but lets use $460K for an average with a $270 rate. 8000 * $270 = $2,160,000 where does the other 5,840,000 come from? Oops the low $175 rate is a first year only teaser rate to get us to vote this one in! The actual cost for a $460K home will be around $1,000/year.


Not sure if it would change my vote but it does make you wonder if this is a teaser what else is a teaser? If you live in a big house and only have one kid then voting no will probably pay for tuition at quest academy instead!


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